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Payment receipt/e-receipt/payment confirmation will be sent to the student's registered email address.

Assuming a candidate is unable to take the test due to illness, network failure, or other reasons, Mudra will not refund the application money and will reschedule the exam to a later date (if a slot and examination day are both available).


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Policy on Personal Information Protection

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If a student fails to fill out the form completely, his or her application may be cancelled.

The total scholarship amount will be determined by the number of students who applied for the Mudra examination, with up to 30% of candidates being shortlisted for the scholarship.

We will review and send the response sheet if a candidate requests re-calculation of marks or re-checking of responses, but we will not be able to display the question owing to security concerns.

If a student does not receive a passing grade on any semester's exam or internal (50 percent), the scholarship will be revoked.

The amount of scholarship varies along with the Universities / Colleges / sponsors offering the same and Mudra will not be responsible for any upgrades in this regard. The terms and conditions for the award of the scholarship on Merit / Economics / other conditions as per the sponsors will and wish and Mudra Education will be a coordinating authority between the sponsors and the students only. Every student should fulfil the eligibility criteria’s of Mudra / individual / corporate / University Sponsors terms and conditions which will be displayed during the registration process of the same.

There may be information and news releases about scholarships on the site. While we believe this material to be true as of the date it was generated, we make no commitment to update it or any press releases. Information in the press release or elsewhere regarding firms other than ours should not be construed as being offered or sponsored by us.

Scholarship fees may vary depending on the individual / corporate Sponsors / college's/ University tuition fees.

If a student achieves a high exam score, and satisfy the other requirements of eligibility he/she may be qualified for a scholarship and the same will be announced directly as well in the website.

Display of Results

By applying to the terms and conditions of availing various scholarships of this site the students also will be agreed upon the display of their information on our site. In case of any student is not willing to display their photograph / name / other information on this site they can inform us during the registration process as well after the confirmation of the results. In case of no objection made by the student Mudra will take as the student have accepted for the display of their photographs, educational information, name and family details and marks / scores obtained by them as well the amount of scholarship they have availed as well the sponsor of the same on the official website.

Grievance management:
In case of any grievance on the terms and conditions or any content related issues you can contact the mail id given in the site or to the contact numbers.