Cancellation and Refund

All visitors and applicants are encouraged to read the following policy before completing the registration form. If the applicant does not understand the clauses specified, Mudra Education will not be held liable.

The fee for filling out the application form is non-refundable. (Once a candidate's application is submitted online for an offline application, the fee of the application form is instantly non-refundable.)

Only applicants who enrol in any Mudra Education participating institute are eligible for the Mudra Scholarships on Tuition Fee reductions. As for the cash prizes students should be eligible for all the criteria’s specified individually for every Scholarship. It is advisable to all the candidates to study all the instructions given carefully prior to register for the Scholarship examinations. The scholarship cannot be transferred to any other candidate's name. As previously indicated, scholarships will be awarded solely to qualified and meritorious students.

After verification of documentation and receipt, the scholarship will be awarded by check, which will be issued 'Account Payable' in the name of the concerned candidate.

For admitted students, the complete price for any programme may be paid on an annual basis. These fees must be paid within 10 days after receiving an offer of admission.

The Mudra Education Board assumes no responsibility for any delays in transit resulting from the university's receipt and delivery of any communication to the applicant.

Fees are non-refundable after the start of the course, or if the student stops attending or leaves before the end of the course, or if the University suspends the student for non-attendance or misbehaviour. In such circumstances, Mudra would have no responsibility.

Those who have been granted temporary admission due to the non-declaration of their qualifying examination results must submit their marks sheet before taking the University examination, or before the University examination, whichever comes first. Prior to the exam, such students will be admitted only after submitting an affidavit proving their eligibility. In any scenario, there will be no refund of money. Please note that after a candidate is assigned to a college, Mudra has no involvement in any situation that develops between the college and the candidate. The student and the college to which he or she has been admitted are responsible for all matters.

  • A refund of any fees or deposits is not subject to interest.
  • The Mudra Education Board of Directors maintains the right to change or amend refund policy at any time.
  • All matters are subject to the District New Delhi's legal authority (India).
  • Under no circumstances do we accept refunds or cancellations.