For people who have lost their parents or earning members of their family as a result of Covid-19, three scholarship programmes have been established.

A good scholarship programme can open up a student's future job options while also allowing them to pursue a specific course or programme at a reduced cost. The financial assistance is especially valuable in light of the current Covid-19 crisis, as many people have lost their jobs during this time.

Hundreds of children in India have lost one or both parents, forcing many to drop out of school or college as a result. These scholarships are intended to assist such students in continuing their study during these difficult times.

Check out these three scholarship opportunities for students who have lost a parent or other earning family member due to Covid-19:

Kotak Shiksha Nidhi

Kotak Shiksha Nidhi is accepting applications from school and college students who have lost a primary breadwinner in their household as a result of Covid-19 to continue their education from Class 1 through diploma and graduation level courses.


  • Loss of both parents
  • The demise of one of the parents
  • Loss of a family's primary source of income (other than parents)
  • Applicants must be school or college students between the ages of 6 and 22, i.e., from Class 1 to a diploma or graduation course.

Rewards and prizes- The following terms and conditions apply. The eligibility criteria and the amount of help provided under Kotak Shiksha Nidhi will be determined at the discretion of Kotak Education Foundation.

HDFC Bank Parivartan’s Covid Crisis Support Scholarship Programme 2021

The Covid Crisis Support Scholarship programme of HDFC Bank Parivartan aims to assist students who have experienced a Covid-led crisis and are studying in Class 1 to post-graduation level in order to continue their education.


  • Students from India who have lost a parent(s)/earning family member or whose earning family members have lost their job (or livelihood) due to the pandemic are eligible.
  • They must be enrolled in a Class 1 to 12 class, a diploma, an undergraduate or postgraduate programme (including professional and non-professional courses), or a combination of these programmes.
  • They should enrol in school and continue their studies. From all sources, the annual household income must be less than or equal to INR 6,00,000 (6 lakh).

Up to INR 75,000 in prizes and awards

Digital Bharati Covid Scholarship 2021-22

The Digital Bharati Covid Scholarship is open to children who have been left vulnerable with little or no financial support for their further education as a result of a Covid-caused family problem.

Students who lost one or both parents during the Covid-19 pandemic are eligible to apply.

The award is available to Indian students in grades 1 through 12. Students who have lost one or both of their parents have become eligible from January 2020.

Prizes and incentives include vouchers for educational subscriptions from prominent ed-tech businesses as well as access to tablets and laptops.